Our Mission

We support our customers with data-driven supply chain solutions.


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What Some of Our Partners Say ...

“Azzule has exceeded our expectations in developing and maintaining the Sunkist Quality Assurance data management website. From the very beginning, Azzule Systems has exhibited expertise and professionalism in creating the website and management tools. Azzule continues to provide support in a timely manner when modifications are required to meet our needs.” Dan Owen, Director,
Sunkist Fresh Fruit Quality Assurance
“Azzule employed a creative, collaborative and effective approach to develop a user friendly solution that helps us manage and report on an essential element of our food safety program, the Sysco supplier food safety system approval process.” Dave Podesta, Senior Manager
Sysco Quality Assurance Produce

Azzule News & Events

Press Release: PrimusGFS Standard re-benchmarked by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Link To GFSI Recognition Website PrimusGFS v2.1-2: New Report and Certificate Designs

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Azzule Dynamic Data – The Difference Maker

Our core products have been designed with the intent to collect, consolidate and analyze information from differing data streams. Data collection systems have been developed for laboratory data, quality assurance data, audit data, audit scheme management, document management and supply chain management in order to provide visibility of all captured variables dynamic analysis based on your company’s needs. Data management can help your company meet your customer requirements, legal requirements including FSMA regulations as well as help with internal food safety performance monitoring.

Independently or internally collecting and organizing this wide range of information can be overwhelming, complex and prone to inaccuracy—limiting your analysis of overall performance.

AzzuleTM products and services are intended to ease that process—enabling and delivering highly functional collection, consolidation and dynamic analysis—the difference maker.

Who We Are

Azzule is a leading provider of global data management solutions throughout all levels of the supply chain. We deliver secure, efficient, cost-effective storage, distribution and analysis of the data needed to support interaction between buyers and sellers within any supply chain. Azzule mirrors the physical movement of a product or service through the supply chain with the simultaneous movement of relevant data. We can support any data impacting your decisions—whether related to food safety, quality, sustainability, social accountability, insurance, authenticity (provenance) and more...

Team Azzule is a dynamic group of programming specialists, project coordinators and industry experts working together to develop and provide first-rate, data-driven supply chain solutions—supported by world-class customer service.

A little more about us ...
  • Azzule began providing data solutions in 2008
  • We offer bilingual support (Spanish and English)
  • Our team is independent of outside resources and includes experienced database/website programming and development specialists
  • We offer creative solutions for each supply chain’s unique needs
  • We provide the flexibility necessary to deliver solutions beyond the expected
  • We are a privately held operating subsidiary of Primus Group, Inc.

Why Azzule?

The complexity to track information in any supply chain represents an ongoing challenge— especially when combined with a complicated decision making process.

With Azzule, you will have access to many tools and resources—most importantly, the collective knowledge and intellectual capital of an experienced supply chain team that will help you fit every piece into the right place.

Customer Benefits

Our core products, the Azzule Supply Chain ProgramTM (AzzuleSCPTM ) and PrimusGFSTM, allow any supplier to have all their data in the same, easily accessible location.

Data provides answers, clear analysis, and can be efficiently and effectively utilized when accurately provided in real-time and on an easy-to-navigate standardized platform.

  • Provides "off the shelf" solutions
  • Offers pricing schemes to match the customer
  • Uses internal programming resources to maintain consistency of service
  • Handles many different forms of data (e.g., HTML, PDFs, etc.)
  • Believes in the need for the most granular, specific level of data
    • For example, programming automatic transfer of audit templates so that each question can be analyzed, as opposed to just presenting PDFs, which can only be viewed as a static report
  • Avoids duplicate entries of data and reduces transposition errors


  • Azzule Supply Chain Program benefits
  • Buyer (end of supply chain) programming support capabilities
  • Audit/scheme programming for ease of transmission and analysis
  • Internal resources for programming maintenance support
  • Customer service and support
    • Data retrieval and analysis
    • Project development
  • FSMA compliance tools
    • Preventive control supplier approval and verification activities
    • Foreign supplier approval and verification activities
    • Produce safety rule implementation tasks for example storage of microbial testing requirements
    • Bespoke QA data collection systems such preventive control recording, transportation temperature and sanitation records, training records, environmental monitoring records, etc.